Zeeve Leads
Vital statistics
Species Human, Turned Werewolf
Age 11-12 (physically 15 after turn)
Status Alive


Physical Attributes
Hair Black (in both forms)
Eyes Blue (Yellow in Lycan)
Height 5'2ft (Human/pre TF)

6'0ft (Lycan)

Weight 102lbs (pre transformation)

119lbs (post TF) 132lbs (post transformation) 159lbs (Lycan)

Personality Statistics
Likes Horror films, the supernatural, video games, Robert Leads, meat, fantasy, Natalie Norwest, Wildcatz, acting, role play, graffiti, art, breaking the status quo
Dislikes Vegetables, the supernatural, Underside of the Wolf Paw (Formerly), people insulting his brother, being reigned in, consistency, hurting people
Family Tree
Family Robert Leads (Older brother), Mother and father (Estranged)
Other Statistics
A young child with to much passion and energy that he knows what to do with, Zeeve loves nothing more than loud noises, making art and even more making trouble. Born to a fairly respectable family, but raised mostly by his brother he is the youngest hunter of the Fang Alert monster watch group and acts as its 'supernatural expert'. While he personally has a deep infatuation with the supernatural, he also wants to protect his town and so becomes a hunter, but is none the less a well meaning person and despite his eccentricities and wants to help.

He will later see the error of his ways and with the help of his friend Natalie Norwest joins her in the Talbot Pack Crusaders.


  • Name: Zeeve Leads
  • Aliases: Rebelution (Fang Alert), Knight (Talbot Pack Crusaders)
  • Age: 11-12 (physically 15 after turn)
  • Hair: Black (in both forms)
  • Eyes: Blue (Yellow in Lycan)
  • Likes: Horror films, the supernatural, video games, Robert Leads, meat, fantasy, Natalie Norwest(crush/love interest), Wildcatz, acting, role play, graffiti, art, breaking the status quo
  • Dislikes: Vegetables, the supernatural, Underside of the Wolf Paw (formerly), people insulting his brother, being reigned in, consistency, hurting people
  • Family: Robert Leads (Older brother), Mother and father (Estranged)



Zeeve stands at 4'8ft, which is slightly tall for his age and is a thin, although not gangly young child who years of inconsistent exercise and couch lifestyle has lead to a skinny build. A rather pale Caucasian his long black hair goes past his ears and towards his back trying to mimic his brothers hair when it is undone: with no real bangs they part dead centre and evenly sit on either side of his face, with one Fang Alert member says he looks like a mini Ozzy Osborne with the hair. He often wears black t-shirts with anti-conformist messages on his chest saying 'rebel' or a white fist striking into the air. In addition he wears blue jeans and black and white sneakers. He is also sometimes wears a dark blue crash helmet with sholder and knee pads when he roller skates. He often slouches and is said to have a shifty look about him, which usually cause him to flip off whoever insulted him.

After becoming a Lycan he does noticeably change, he does gain three inch's in height, broader shoulders and gains a more toned body, with the slight outlines of muscles. He also gains a better posture and later trims his hair causing it to become spikier and more wild. After ditching the long hair people actually say he looks rather handsome.


After letting Natalie bite him and transforming Zeeve stands at six foot in height and gains the physique of a teenage athlete, gaining slightly noticeable but compact muscle and becoming leaner. His black fur dominates his body, covering his feet shins, knees, chest thigh, shoulders and fore arms, while his new yellow fur enwraps his face save for his nose, while his neck upper arms, back, ears and lower legs are all a sunshine yellow. His new long tail itself is mostly yellow with a small black tuff on the end. Finally his face lengthens out into a long very slender, almost jackal like muzzle, with his fore head and nose being yellow while his cheeks, eyes and lower jaw remain black.

Pack UniformEdit

Zeeve uniform looks like a sleeveless, charcoal black wetsuit with the primary zipper from the chest to the belly button usually undone down to the naval showing off his chest, while the shorts stop at mid thigh. However a red strap on the inside and outside of the mid shin connects to a strap of latex covers the side of the knee connecting it onto a charcoal black sock that wraps around his foot by the mid shin, while exposing the front and back of the knees. He wears a black and red utility belt around his waist with two large bags that hang down to his mid thigh for carry heavy objects. He also uses a pair of bright yellow fingerless gloves over his black fur hands. Zeeve also wears a large black satchel bag over his left shoulder in addition to his black and red backpack, carrying all his stuff.

He would later incorporate padded armour in the form of greave's knee pads, pauldrons and a chest plate when major combat came about.


Zeeve family life has been less than ideal, as his parents jobs have kept them away from him for much of his life and he only sees them from time to time. However unlike their last child Zeeve had his big brother to look out for him from day one, and as long as he can remember Robert has been there for him and likewise when he is able he has been there for Robert. As such he has not been as isolated as brother was and has a more stable childhood, although has picked up in the process of growing up several of his brothers more rebellious and non-conformist traits.Oddly though it was this love of rocking the boat and non-conformity that won him his first friend in Natalie Norwest, as when other people poked fun at her head dress Zeeve actually complimented her on it finding it 'cool.' Since those days Zeeve and Natalie have been fast friends and although they still have a lot of growing they get on amazingly well.

Still Zeeve's life would not be without controversy as he was arrested by the age of eight for graffiti art and later the next year went onto win a young artists award for most original piece in his local school. His love of trouble would also often lead to him winding up in the principle office and its only thanks to his brother stepping in for his parents that he had not been kicked out one occasion after an disastrous prank with a fire cracker in the toilet. Needless to say though his non-conformist attitude has won him a lot of respect from his fellow students and next to Natalie is the most popular kid in his class.

However when his brother started Fang Alert Zeeve instantly joined the organisation and eagerly invited all his friends, including Natalie, only to discover her pro werewolf club the Underside of the Wolf Paw and sadly they had a row over werewolves and fell out. Since then Zeeve has gone onto be given the title of 'supernatural expert' due to his fondness of monster movies and the fact he begged his brother he get the title. Even so as Fang Alert begin to tackle bigger and more serious threats Zeeve slowly realises how wrong he was, but how can he ever face Natalie after what he said.

However as Fang Alert gradually began to take more and more casualties, with more becoming supernatural creatures, and people leaving the organisation he was left isolated and without Natalie, Stacie or even Diana he felt so lost. Little did he know how much they missed him and in the build up to his 11th birthday he got a letter from Natalie who shared the same day with. She invited him to her party and said she wanted to move forward with her life and she and her friends wanted him to come with them on their new journey. Meeting up with Natalie, Stacie and Diana they told him their plan to become werewolves and asked him to join them. And strangely Zeeve said yes.

He would later watch the girls transform and after being sure they were in their right mind allowed himself to bitten as well. He would go on to join them in the Talbot Pack Crusaders and taking on the role and duty of being their 'Knight.'

Still after first transforming Zeeve suddenly experienced a whole new wave of sensations and was initially very confused by them, especially around his female packmates. He would at first find it hard to think and get easily embarrassed when he wouldn't have before, and he slowly began to feel the need not only to fight but also make sure everyone in his pack was safe. Yet over time he managed to hone and control these new feelings and matured as a person. However he would initially date his pack mate Jessica Lovegood, who he became infatuated with, her bad girl persona dragging out his old dark habits. But when Jessica talked him into doing a huge prank on a school bully who had publicly insulted werewolves and was trying to reform a Fang Alert like group. Natalie tried to talk him out of it, only for Jessica to call her a buzz kill and pushed Zeeve to go on with it hurting Natalie in the process. But when it came to do the prank Zeeve just couldn't, he couldn't do it as all he could think about was how he had hurt Natalie, and it was then Jessica told him what he had never realised: he loved her.

Rushing back to Natalie's house Zeeve broke in through the window into her room, much to her shock and told her how he felt, what he felt about her how he had been so blind to see it. He told her that she was too good for him and yet he didn't care saying he wanted to help her do good and be a good pack mate and a whole other manner of things before Natalie suddenly dazed placed a finger on his lips and transformed, causing him to as well. They then kissed, and ran out into the woods just to run and play with each other, amazed at their symmetry and ability/ And when the sun came up the arranged their first ever date together, Natalie casually teasing him that he wasn't the same rebellious Zeeve from all those years ago when they first met: he was better.


Like his brother Zeeve is deeply passionate, but unlike his brother he has zero impulse control: he is spontaneous, loud and likes to pull pranks, although like his brother shows a lack of respect for authority and speaks his mind honestly. While in no way mean spirited he is smarter than his age lets on and takes full advantage of those that underestimate him. However a pang of arrogance and an obsession with monster movies has lead to him claiming to be an exert on the supernatural revealing also his tendency to brag and seem impressive. None the less he is hyper energetic, caring person and even though at times be a bit hash with his pranks he is as well meaning in his intentions as he is as sharp with his wit as well as his spray can.

After fighting the supernatural he is initially defiant to the fact that many of the things he had been claiming about the supernatural were grossly inaccurate: showing his stubborn side. Still after most of his gang is infected and leave he explodes violently and yells at everyone and everything until he encounters his friend Natalie: it is here he broke down crying about his own failure admitting that he was wrong. It is this final acceptance that actually sees Zeeve mature, while he remains passionate he becomes less brattish and more responsible, and while still impulsive he balances that out with a healthy dose of objectivism, watching what he says and being more careful about jumping to conclusions. He also develops a desire to protect his home and make up for the things he did while hunting and thus seeks to show a better side. As he ages and becomes a real hero he takes on more heroic qualities, standing up to bullies, refusing to hurt those who are unable to fight back and always leaping into the fray, which is a stark contrast to his younger more immature self. Still he takes delight in aggravating those he fights with snide insults and quips, as he rolls around them on his roller skates poking fun at their inability catch him.



  • Colour control: Zeeve has the amazing ability to control colour making it 'do things' things that are red he can heat up or energise as the word can be, green things he can make bigger, while blue things he can reduce to a liquid state. Among other things. However for this to work he has to be in physical contact with the paint and does not work on things that are naturally coloured that way, are organic like trees, or have been changed by magic.
He frequently uses this ability in conjuction with his spray cans to say spray a door blue to turn it into a liquid, or paint something yellow to produce a bright light: or most frequently using his black uniform to surround himself in shadows and make him nearly undetectable.
  • Cunning: Zeeve possess a degree of cunning that is unusual for someone his age, he can be both manipulative, and sneaky and is able to set traps and pranks with remarkable skill and is very good at worming himself into good positions. Its just fortunate he is not malicious about it.


  • Graffiti art: Zeeve is a talented graffiti artist and in his youth a minor annoyance to the local Everett police. While he no longer vandalises property, he still has a knack for it and is asked to paint buildings by certain individuals. AFter turning he takes to tagging an area where he and the other Crusaders have stopped a crime, as a calling card. He also uses them in conjunction with his powers to create spectacular combat attacks while on the fly.
  • Roller Skating: Zeeve uses roller skates to get around, and is remarkable fast on them: he has the bright idea of using them to chase down monsters to expected results. He loves to do it even more as a werewolf after turning as he can reach speeds that send his adrenaline into overdrive. He also combines them with his martial arts to fully realise his combat style of lightning fast attacks at high speeds, and allows him to rapidly deploy paint in specific areas to create come devastating combo attacks. He also enjoys attempting to keep up with Natalie who he can just about match when she is at her slowest speeds.
  • Monster movie knowledge: Zeeve loves horror films, and as such avidly watches them, he has gathered over the years a sizable collection and knows a lot about them. He sadly mistakes a lot of fiction for fact and seems to always have something to say on any monster they fight which 95% of the time is wrong. However when he gets it right it is often a huge boon to Fang Alert.
  • Hand to hand combat: Surprisingly talented at fighting, Zeeve combines quick and rapid strikes in combination with his cunning to hit an opponent where he is most vulnerable. Taught by both his brother Robert and at a martial arts class with his friend Natalie, he has been doing it for five years now. Before turning he had a habit for using cheap tactics in a fight but as he aged he began to rely more on his skill and demonstrates a good ability to place himself in a favourable position.
  • Quips: Zeeve has a tendency to joke about while fighting, even before being a werewolf and insults his opponents to throw them off.


  • Spray can: Zeeve posses spray paint cans, and carries them wherever he goes, he even wears them on his pack uniform.
  • Roller-skates: Needed for roller-skating! They are later modified so he can use them in his werewolf form.
  • Hunting uniform
  • TPC Pack outfit


Zeeve's Relationships


Voice ActorEdit

  • Ryan Reynolds before turning
  • Newton Pittman after turning


  • His theme song in Fang Alert is 'Caffeine' by Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams
  • His theme song in the Talbot Pack is 'Any other way' by We Three Kings


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