Wildcatz in Human Form

Wildcatz in human form.

The Wildcatz Band

The Wildcatz in Werecat form and on concert

The Wildcatz are a band of Werecats that perform on stage with the use of their Therianthropic forms as a sort of stage gimmick. Hitting the spots in the Washington music district, they might be the first step in good relations with Monsters and Humans.

Band MembersEdit

Extra Roadies/DancersEdit

Extra Roadies/DancersEdit

  • Stefani Corothers: 1st Female Roadie/Stage Dancer
  • Tomi Manthas: 2nd Female Roadie/Stage Dancer
  • Poppy 'Pop' Piederson: 3rd Female Roadie/Stage Dancer
  • Glinda 'Goldie' Spooner: 4th Female Roadie/Stage Dancer