Westridge University is the main setting of Full Moon Uni and is a new international institution constructed by Bio-Tech Corp in England/Michigan (Still deciding :p). Aimed at bringing the world closer together it was advertised as giving the future of mankind the best tools possible to launch its student body to new heights. However it was struck by a sudden case of Lycanthropy a few months after opening.


While it is not widely known the University is constructed over both an ancient Druid ceremony site and over history saw several battle in the area around the nearby town of Westridge. In addition two of the University's main campus is partially based around two old manors in the region owned formerly by the Talbot and Markson family's.

Constructed between 2010-2016 the university as a joint venture between several of the worlds leading companies to create the 'university of tomorrow' it saw initial success up until 2013 when a number of the companies broke off ties to Bio-Tech Corp leaving it in the sole hands of Nathan Norwest.

Opened its doors in 2017 to a fresh new student body it deviated from its intended plan to be selective over its student population, instead allowing a wide range of students to attend the university from across the globe.


Nestled in the sleepy hills of Lockshire county, the area around the university is dotted with farms, houses, fields, large undisturbed river valley's and wide ranging protected forest woodland.

The University itself is spread out over two square miles between the seaside town of Westbridge, Talbot Manor and Markson Castle. Composed of six campuses built in a modern artistic style holding buildings for its three hundred courses and a student population of around twenty five thousand.

The University's main campus is located at Markson Castle, a large, former estate house that was purchased from the government, is built in a largely early Georgian style with a large outer wall and former stables.

The old Talbot Manor is now a boarding house for new students and sits at the other end of the campus, and holds several dormitory's for new students.

The Main student union, located towards Westbridge is the third largest building in the school after the sports gym, and is a large modern building constructed into the side of the hill with a large central hall and nightclub area that can hold a good majority of the

The largest facility is the sports stadium, with both public and private rooms for the population of Westbridge and the student body. It features running tracks, Olympic sized swimming pools and gymnasiums.


  • G 2 H/Amell Pack: Gym, Gaming and Heroics is a largely social club otherwise known by the name of the Amell pack after its Alpha, Arthur Amell. The club is mostly a social group of friends and is not officially registered at the University.




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