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Victor Moorge is a former military soldier-turned-engineer for the company Cyber Corp, a rival for Bio-Tech, and the creator of the Iron Pack.


  • Name: Victor Moorge
  • Age: 39
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Likes: Being on top, Success, getting his way and always winning
  • Dislikes: Not getting equal attention, Godless creatures, losing


During his time in the military, Victor Moorge was an experienced helicopter pilot and flew many Black Ops missions into combat in Afghanistan, Africa, even North and South Korea.

After his tour was over, Moorge came to work for Cyber Corp as a military scientist who had gone into defense contracting, and believes that he has been ordained by God to eradicate the ‘Werecreature Problem’. His son, Jason, was found to have become a lycan in order to be saved by a terminal illness. His mother, Victor’s wife, committed suicide when she couldn’t handle the truth. Victor came in to search of other Lycans, and found Sir John one day in hopes of curing him, as Moorge regarded his lycanthropy as a disease. Sir John's position that Lycanthropy was not a disease to be cured angered Moorge.

Moorge then gave his son a lobotomy, as well as amputated his legs to make him more docile, and derived a substance from Jason's living body that can be used to control the minds of other werecreatures, as he learned of what a Zeta werewolf was capable of.

But his biggest problem came when he learned of a werewolf pack protecting Everett. Something he considered a joke, in that they were just monsters trying to hide the truth about what they really are. Coming to Kate Argent with a new pitch idea to eradicate them, he needed a component from Bio-Tech to finish his latest creation.


Victor is a soldier-turned-engineer, with a lot of pride on everything he does. Even though he is an engineer, he retains and acts like a lifelong military man. He only respects force, and showed little respect for the Lycans or their home. He destroys their homes, killing numerous lycans in the process, without regret.

Ironically, he doesn't view Lycans or werecreatures having any strength at all, so he severely underestimates them all the time, despite how big or powerful his creations are.

He doesn't trust anything that's not under his control; believing free will aside from his own is unpredictable.

He despises anything that isn't human, calling them godless in their faces. In fact, he views them as scum and a menace to pure human beings; poisoning the human gene pool, and threatening to upset the balance of power for humans. In truth, he fears beings like werewolves and werecats, believing they will replace humans as the new dominant species on the planet.



Voice ActorEdit

Hugh Jackman


  • Victor Moorge was inspired by the X-Men character, Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels.


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