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  • StoneAKH85

    Halloween Coming Up

    August 31, 2015 by StoneAKH85

    Hey everybody. One month to go until October. A lot's gonna happen in that month, especially the Goosebumps film coming out on Oct 6th. But the big thing is the Howloween picture of the month with either the Talbot Pack or the Darke Pack. So anyone who's reading this I have one question to ask: Any ideas?

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  • StoneAKH85

    Help from the Fans

    April 7, 2015 by StoneAKH85

    Hey, if there's anyone out there who has already read my story, or seen my artwork, I call to you for help on this wiki. As one man said, "No Man is an Island". Meaning, I could use some help with pics or info you want to add to this wiki site. It helps out more than ever.

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  • StoneAKH85

    Werecreature information

    January 23, 2015 by StoneAKH85

    Hey, this is Stone-Man85, calling to any wiki out there. I'm building this wiki for my fanfic and original characters of my story, Full Moon High. And if you can help out in any way, I need all the info you can find on any werecreature and post it. The more info, the bigger the story.

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