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Talbot HallEdit

Sakura and Joey SizemoreEdit

Like any big brother, Tom cares for his young fourteen year old twin siblings. But their eagerness to join and fight alongside them among the Lunar Knights is a bit extreme. Like Peter with Jean, Tom isn’t all that thrilled about putting the younger siblings in danger.

But in time when he sees their strength and determination, he realizes they’re growing up. And with a little wisdom from his mother, he agrees to train them among the junior division among the pack.

Madame MacabreEdit

Like any son, he loves his mother very much. Since his father’s death, he did everything to make his mother proud and happy. Though his mother insists he finds a woman in his life and give her some grandkids, much to a playful annoyance. Nevertheless, he still cares for his mom.

Although the vigilante thing may be dangerous, his mother knows of his destiny to protect others… a destiny that all wolves must adhere to, including Sakura and Joey.

Lunar KnightsEdit

Katlin Snow (Frost)Edit

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