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Theodore Tekk was just a lowly nerd with a pension for building battle bots and tinker stuff. Though with an encounter with the Hyde, Comette changed his life forever, as he was transformed into the Tech-Using Plasma-Fiering Hyde, Nett Worke of The Free Hydes, and became Mari's primary male lover.


  • Name: Theodore 'Theo' Tekk
  • Alias: Nett Worke
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Dirty Blonde (Black in Hyde)
  • Eyes: Brown (Yellow in Hyde)
  • Likes: Tinkering, programming games, pizza and cake, Mari Kelley (love interest)
    • Nett Worke: Working out, Mari/Comette (love interest), weight-lifting
  • Dislikes: Awkward moments, being made fun of, wedgies, bullies
    • Nett Worke: Awkward moments, being made fun of, losing, bullies, Mari/Comette getting hurt
    • Family: Samantha Tekk (Big Sister)



Before his transformation, Theodore was a sixteen year old Caucasian with a sickly skinny frame due to not working out, slight acne on his forehead, poor eyesight with glasses, and a bowl haircut with a cowlick sticking out in the back. He wore baggy clothing to hide his scrawniness, mostly his pants, a button-up white t-shirt and a blue vest.

After his transformation, he grew a little in two centimeters in height, as well as bulked up with a small muscle build. Athletically, he’s now healthy, with clear skin as well. He now sports black jeans with a white shirt, but now has a red hoodie jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and has black black and white sneakers.

Hyde - Nett WorkeEdit

Hyde AttireEdit






  • Engineering Skills
  • Computer Programming


  • Hyde Attire
  • Utility Backpack, Belt, and Pouches


Theodore's Relationships


Voice ActorEdit

Josh Gad


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