The Metalli-Gang used to be the Mange Gang, led by Max and Molly Mange and their teenage genius (and unstable) son, Malcom. The three were caught and imprisoned after years of heinous and multiple crimes, along with six of their chief members, minus the seventh who betrayed them. The nine escaped from Riker’s Island prison via boat, but were hit and drowned by a larger boat.

Their bodies were found by the Initiative, and soon were operated by Prof. Hackle and Victoria Stryker in Project-X, becoming full-body cyborg, without an ounce left of their organic heritage. Originally, Hackle was hoping to be forgiven in the experimental procedure due to manufacturing weapons for so long, but Stryker had other plans: to use the gang members as generals for Project-X to rid the world of the supernatural.

However, the Mange Gang had other plans and broke out, stealing a variety of weapons, upgrades, and a special formula to create a synthetic but organic skin compound to better hide themselves in public. From that day forward, the Metalli-Gang was forged, becoming one of the more dangerous and deadliest enemies the Talbot Pack had ever faced off.

Known MembersEdit

  • Mac and Molly Mange: Founders and Leaders
  • Malcom Mange: Second-in-Command, Tech-Leader and Genius, professional hitman psycho-teen.
  • Raul: Demolitions Expert
  • Lukens: Major Muscle
  • Naomi: Knife Expert and Silent Assassin
  • Mary: Malcom's girlfriend and wildcard
  • Igor: Medical expert and 'Battering Ram'
  • X-18: Stolen Artificial Intelligence Anti-X


  • The Metalli-Gang are based on the Metallikats from Swat Kats, as well as various Terminators from the said-franchise.

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