The Iron Pack is a clan of robotic werewolves created by the Initiative but secretly funded by Kate Argent, and utilizing computer information stolen from Arthur Nesia at Bio-Tech Corp Labs.


The Iron Pack are armored battle robots built by The Initiative; their abilities and appearance are modeled after werewolves in general and Peter, Ashley, and Tom's Gamma form specifically. Kate later on wears a female battle suit utilizing Iron Pack technology (distinguishable by its black and white color scheme and front mounted oxygen tube) that she frequently wears when she needs to do things beyond her normal physical capabilities, especially when battling either Peter, Christie and the other werewolf packs.

The Iron Pack robots possess rockets on their backs along with stabilizers on their feet which allow for faster speed and sometimes powered flight, maneuverability, giving them quite an advantage. They are equipped with retractable arm-cannons on their right forearms and shoulders, along with razor-sharp talons replicating the werewolf's stone-crushing grip. The second batch onwards were capable of generating electricity along their bodies to prevent enemies from coming into physical contact with them.

Their programming is still primitive as they continue to make simple mistakes, such as running or flying into buildings and each other. Several werewolves have remarked how the autonomous androids fall for the same tactics time and time again. In addition to this limited autonomy, (a primitive precursor to Bio-Tech's own advanced autonomous systems) the Iron Pack can be remotely controlled by Kate, either from her battlesuit, or from a mission control in the Initiative complex. Also, if achieving atmosphere break, they have a tendency to ice up, rendering them immobile and shutting down.

But one great weakness is the fact that they run on a single consciousness, meaning control over one group of the Iron Pack would cause a wide-range shutdown if too much stress is on the user's mind.


Known TypesEdit

  • Standard Beta Units
  • Standard Delta Units
  • Gamma Units


  • Steelclaw
  • Coldfire
  • Stonecold