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The Dark Lady is the current ruler of the Elvish Empire - and is the Empress who conquered three continents. To call her brilliant, is to insult the word itself. Having taken the empire from its lowest point, following the assassination of her father, the Dark Lady reformed the whole kingdom into an expansionist hegemony which aims to cover the whole world. As of the current era no one has ever managed to turn back her advance in over three hundred years and is seen by many as a goddess.


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She is in of herself average height by elvish standards at 6'8ft (With elf males and females being similar heights) with sun kissed skin and long night colored blue black hair with dazzling amber eyes that emit a faint light like all elves do. She is considered supernaturally beautiful even by elvish standards with a small nose, slight but clear lips, a high forehead and a hard but mature features. As an older elf at a few thousand years old her ear are rather long at 40cm and point straight backwards at a slight 30 degree angle. Her hair itself is very long stretching down to the back of her calves and is round and parts slightly on the right side of her head and ends in a small point just past her knees. She can be said to be nine to ten heads tall, and is extremely slim, with a clearly defined waist and clear hips that connect onto long luscious legs. She is not the bustiest elf being only a B to C cup (which is very small by elvish standards and is something she is touchy over).

She normally wears a long smooth black dress that ends just above her ankles, with spaghetti straps and slight flare towards the very bottom: it posses a split on the left hand side just bellow her hip but is hidden unless she runs. She doesn't wear shoes being bear foot, as she prefers to hover or fly just above the ground and when she does touch the ground it is to lay down. She also wears a small black tiara that gets lost in her very poofy but smooth hair.









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