After knowing they couldn't hide from The Order of St. Arthur, and knowing full well that running wouldn't solve anything, Arthur and Vivien chose to purchase a house and move out of Leather Wing Manor. An old and cmall American Victorian housing with a large stone tower, it sits on the outskirts of Everett deep inside the woods it is said to sit in the middle of nowhere and is very hard to get to by car. Thankfully the twins don't drive.


Constructed in the 1910's as a remote family getaway the house was sold into retail following the Wall Street Crash. Passing hands several times it eventually fell into disrepair in the 1980's, when many cars began to struggle with its rather dirty and poorly made dirt track, the house was owned by a few people who never could get anything done with it. As such it was purchased by the Amell Twins with their limited investments they got from their father and is now their primary place of residence.



Living RoomEdit

Back RoomEdit

A small room facing the garden it has a sofa and two large book shelves along with a coffee table, however it is rather cramped.


Situated at the end of the main hall and connecting the kitchen and back room and possessing the back door, the Kitchen has two ovens and plenty of storage pace as well as a fridge.

Dining RoomEdit

A large room at the back of the house with a large table that came with the house, the room is mainly used for eating and has a good view of the garden.

Washing roomEdit

A small storage room with a tiled floor and small drain at the back of the house, complete with a fridge, freezer and washing machine. When the drying rack is up it is very hard to move in here.



Arthur's roomEdit

Vivien's RoomEdit

The spare roomEdit


Training RoomEdit

The tower/ArcaniumEdit

Basement/Portal network/storage space=Edit

The LoftEdit

Its a loft, and in Truth Arthur and Vivien really do not have enough stuff to really use it, so at the moment it is rather dusty... ad=nd very empty. It is however separated into two rooms.


  • Despite it taking a car well over an half-a-hour to reach the house from the nearest road it can be reached very easily from town by walking up the hill where it sits which takes about fifteen minutes. Arthur and Vivien with magic and free running can do it in five.

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