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Mikey CorvisEdit

You're the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you...

Mikey and Tara have a complicated romantic relationship. Tara had a crush on Mikey the moment she was saved by him while he had been charmed by her since she first started talking with him. Mikey had a lot of support for Terra when she didn't feel welcome and she confided in him that she can't fully control her powers then made him swear not to tell.

She asked if he trusted her while he replies, "more than anyone." They go out to an amusement park when Mikey asks her if she's having fun. She said that he's her definition of fun. They have fun playing games, going on rides, and taking pictures. While on a ferris wheel, Tara asks him if he knew anything bad about her, would he still be her friend. He replied, "always."

She also finds him to be the silliest of all the werewolves, due to his first Full Moon transformation. She also let slip she thought he was cute and cool.

Doris ZuelEdit

Peter TalbotEdit

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