M.O.N.S.ters SquadEdit

Johnny HarrisEdit

Suu first met Johnny shortly after she somehow ended up in the M.O.N.S.ters base main water supply, viewing Johnny as a kindhearted person. Suu has strong feelings towards Johnny and wishes to stay together with him forever. Learning how to interact with others, she mimics the others when they show affection to someone else, as well as on Zack's pornos, which she mimics on to him, leading to some awkward situations. Though she realizes that she is a slime, she doesn't give up on her desire to be with him.

Rebecca HarrisEdit

She and Rebecca have a close bond much like sisters and friends would. She also encourages her to show more affection to her little brother... seeing as how her shows of affections get him slimed, and he can't fight back, which earns fits of laughter from Rebecca.

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