A private upper class all girls Catholic boarding school, and main base of the Fallen Angels vampire coven. The School has a long history of elitism and even bullying despite the quality of students it has produced over the years, and has held the top spot in many inter-school events for as long as it has been around.


Constructed in the early 1900's St. Valentines Catholic school for girls was set up by the elderly group of former female missionaries who had settled Everett decades back and wanted to teach. Over the decades it would go onto be known to be a strict if high achieving academy and produce a high quality of students over the decades. It is well known around the state for its strict rules, training in etiquette, fine school uniforms and hard entry requirements.

However its high achieving ways eventually lead to it becoming elitist and gaining a dark reputation as the towns snobby school. Years of winning inter school events and producing students who would go onto become scientists, politicians and even senators lead to many of the students and staff feeling they were entitled to the status as Everett top school and as such treated other academic practices with contempt.

However these hash conditions lead to many failures and even more 'incidents' where students took bullying to far. After a string of these incidents lead to it going public that the school and various high ranked graduates had been covering up the full extent of the bullying, including three suicides which ere in fact murders much of the staff was sacked in 2010 and many more faced prosecution. The school currently sits under the firm, if widely respected hand of Silas Paige, who was appointed to be headmaster to clean up the school. He has famously for the first time in fifty years lowered the entry requirements and turned away several long standing families who wished to admit their children as to combat the schools growing elitism.

The school would later go onto develop into a Vampire hot spot, with vampirism spreading through the classes, leading to certain more issues and a public scandal, which later turned into a huge PR success.

Known ResidenceEdit

Fallen Angels Silas Paige Angelo

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