Peter and his two friends, along with the other kids are starting off their Spring Break... and Peter tells a tale of ancient horror.


The students attending the trip arrive at Camp Wolfcreek for the week. Peter being among then hangs out with Mikey who talks about their plans and the activities planned at the camp. Peter isn't looking forward to the more physical activities due to his poor health and Mikey is more interested in taking pictures of girls in the lake… or in the showers. It is revealed that Mikey gained his love of photography from his aunt and uncle who take photos of wildlife and how Peter's relationship with his grandfather Sir John Talbot isn't that good due to him being recluse even after Peter moved in due to his mother disappearing in England in search of his missing father and uncle Ben. Peter and Mikey then get excited for the ghost stories later that night.

That night, Tommy is telling a scary story but is failing at scaring the others. Tommy then volunteers Peter to tell one and he tells the group of an incident that happened to his grandfather fifty years ago. In Blackmoor, England, a string of murders was occurring with people being torn to pieces and found in ditches and fields. One of Sir John's best friends, Quinn Noddy and his flock of sheep were among the victims with his body and internal organs being torn apart with a terrified expression on his face. This lead to Sir John melting all the silver in his house into silver bullets and never left the house on a full moon. The residents believed the murders to be the work of a large creature with massive strength and high endurance. The teens are beginning to get scared as Peter finishes by saying that the creature was never found and to the day, the howl of a creature is heard on the hunt every full moon in Blackmoor.

A few minutes after Peter finishes the story, the howl of a wolf is heard scaring everyone, even Peter.

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Peter Talbot
  • Mikey Corvis
  • Christie Argent
  • Ashley Norwest
  • Maria DeBlanca
  • Sarah Pattrel
  • Tom Sizemore