The Space Fang, also known as the Space Render, is one of the legendary 50 Immortal Fangs. The Space Render is considered of the Legendary Fangs, possessing imense power, comparable with that of the Apocalypse Fang . It is also somewhat uniquely among the fangs due to the fact that its scabbard also possess some of its power. While the Render has immense power, it is extremely limited when it is separated from its scabbard. It has been thousands of years since the sword and scabbard had been used together.



The Space Fang looks like a traditional Japanese o-katana, with a distinctive dark blue blade, while the scabbard is dark blue and silver.


Without ScabbardEdit

The space render has the ability to cut through space, opening portals to wherever the user desires. The blade is also extremely sharp, able to cut through most materials. One way to use the Render's ability would be to open a portal under an extremely heavy object, and than open another portal next or under the target, making the object fall on them, or push them away with great force.

With ScabbardEdit

When reunited with the scabbard, the Space Render can literally slice through space. Thus, it can cut through literally anything, via slashing through the very space around them. However, the user can also cut the space of a person or object in a non-lethal way. For instance, the wielder can cut the space of a wall while leaving it intact, thus allowing him/her to literally pass through the wall as if it was not there. The same with people. The wielder now also has access to their own private dimension.


The scabbard also possesses some abilities. It can send a powerful shockwave through space when the user hits it against something, pushing all the object and people in the vicinity away with immense force. The scabbard is also considered nigh indestructible, making it perfect for blocking.

Known UsersEdit

  • Angelo - the first wielder in thousands of years to reunite both the blade and its scabbard

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