A former member of Strike Force Kobra turned into a female Clayface and a member of the Mud Pack. She is currently married to Preston Payne and they have a son named Cassius.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Sondra Fuller

Nicknames: Lady Clay, Clayface, Lady Clayface

Hair: Formerly brown

Eyes: Black

Likes: Her son Cassius, her abilities, spending time with her family

Dislikes: Anyone messing with Cassius, her old face, Abbatoir (he kidnapped her son), Azrael (at first)

Family: Preston Payne (husband), Cassius Payne (son)

Abilities Edit

  • Shapeshifting: Like all other Clayfaces, Sondra has an amorphous, mud-like body which allows her to shape her body into whatever she chooses, even gaining abilities from other superheroes or villains.

Trivia Edit

Unlike her incarnation in the comics, Lady Clay is an ally for the Pack.

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