Shadow fang (No scabard)
One of the 50 Immortal Fangs of the Moon Beast of Legend, the Shadow Fang is an extremely powerful weapon. It is wielded by Alucard, after he found it in an ancient temple, belonging to the Umbra Wiccan clan.


The Fang can make clones of itself out of solidified shadows, with Alucard able to remotely control each one of the copies.

The sword can also shoot blasts of pure dark energy, with a lot of destructive power. He usually utilizes this energy as either crescent or bullet-shaped projectiles.

It can create a smoke-like mist of darkness, that obscures the view of his enemies, but only for a few seconds.

It can also become extremely flexible and elongate, allowing Alucard to use it as a whip, and sometimes a grappling hook.

In addition, when enough energy is used, the Fang can open a portal to the Shadow Zone, a dimension overlapping our own. Normally, space within the Shadow Zone is the same as in the real world, but, to his shadow-based powers, Alucard can manipulate the space within the Zone (as it is basically shadow), allowing him to "build a bridge" to any location, before using the Fang to open a portal to the real world. This practically allows him to go anywhere.


  • Slash Shadow: Alucard slashes with The Fang, sending a crescent shave of dark energy at his target.
  • Spear Shadow: Alucard charges forewarned with The Fang, sending a bullet-like projectile of dark energy at his target.
  • Blade Shadow: Alucard elongates The Fang, making it a whip (sometimes wrapping it around his arm). Each time he slashes with it, the weapon sends crescent blades of dark energy at the enemy.
  • Dark Shot: Alucard swings his sword in a circular motion, creating multiple clones of it. He than points the blades at his target, and makes them rotate in a circle. Dark energy starts gathering at the tip of the blades, and a huge blast of dark energy is unleashed at the enemy.
  • Dark Rain: Alucard creates tens of copies of The Shadow Fang, and lifts them above the battle field. Each blade releases a beam of dark energy at the battlefield, literally making it rain with darkness.
  • Shadow Exile: Alucard will charge his sword, and wait for the enemy to attack. When they do, Alucard opens a portal to the Shadow Zone, literally "banishing" the enemy's attack before it can hit him. If timed correctly, Alucard can even "banish" a person, trapping them in the Zone, though the person will only remain there for a few minutes.

Alucard will be weakened after using this technique, and cannot use the Fang for at least a minute.

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