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Shade, or Christie Aurum, is the daughter of Nocturnus Clan leader Ix as well as the group's second-in-command. The counterpart of Christie Argent from the Rosen Clan's world, she is a dedicated follower to her father's cause: The extinction of all non-humans, yet she is torn between her duty and her growing love for Peter Talbot.


  • Name: Christie Aurum
  • Alias: Shade
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Auburn brown (keeps it tied up to avoid it distracting her)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Likes: Killing non-humans, pleasing her father, Peter
  • Dislikes: Anyone that isn't a human
  • Family: Pir'Oth Ix (father)


Shade almost exactly resembles her counterpart Christie Argent, with the exception that her body is more naturally worked out and she doesn't require glasses.


"Shade," or Christie Aurum (her birth name), was born as the child of Nocturnus Clan leader Pir'Oth Ix. Trained to hate non-humans her whole life, she quickly rose through the ranks of Clan, eventually becoming its second-in-command and given her own group of personal guards. She had slain numerous dragons, werewolves and other numerous creatures over the years, firmly believing that there would be peace when there were only humans left. When her father realized the last dragons had fled to another world, the Nocturnus Clan followed them to Earth.

Setting up a hidden base in the town of Everett, Shade was sent on scouting missions, hoping to track down the dragons and find the cause of the large signals of paranormal activity. However, since she was unaware of the fact that her counterpart lived in the exact same town, she was mistaken for Christie Argent by Peter Talbot.


Shade is different from Christie as she was taught from birth to hate anyone that wasn't human. She is extremely dedicated to her father's cause, believing it will save the world for humans. She usually keeps a calm, collected persona except for a few certain moments like being around Peter, despite him being a werewolf.





  • Martial arts skills
  • Acrobatic
  • Tactician


  • Warp Belt, allowing teleportation
  • Leech Blade
  • Stealth suit


Shade's Relationships


Voice Actor Edit

Cherami Leigh


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