The long lost princess of Selgina and a current member of the Tsukiyomi Organization.

Princess Maas Selina Salno
Vital statistics
Aliases Princess
Species Beta Werewolf
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Single
Affiliation Formerly the Selgina Kingdom

Tsukiyomi Organization

Physical Attributes
Hair Black

Purple in wolf form

Eyes Brown

Red in wolf form

Height 6'5

9'10 (wolf form)

Weight 159 lbs

200 lbs in wolf form

Personality Statistics
Likes Chou-chou beef

Letting the wind blow in her fur in wolf form

Dislikes Super spicy wings


King Ghidorah

Family Tree
Family King of Selgina (deceased)
Other Statistics
Voice Actor Natalie Portman

Characteristics Edit

  • Name: Princess Maas Selina Salno
  • Codename: Princess
  • Age: 19
  • Hair: black (purple in wolf form)
  • Eyes: Brown (red in wolf form)
  • Likes: Chou-chou beef, letting the wind blow in her fur in wolf form, nature itself
  • Dislikes: Anyone messing with her comrades, Godzilla, King Ghidorah
  • Family: King of Selgina (deceased)

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

In her human form, Selina is a beautiful young woman in her late teens with long black hair and sparkling, chocolate brown eyes. She wears loose fitting clothing as she grew used to it after running away from her kingdom. She usually wears flip-flops which she kicks off to run barefoot in her free time.

Lycan Edit

In her wolf form, Selina is a beautiful purple werewolf with piercing, cherry red eyes.

Pack Attire Edit

Selina's pack attire mimics her personality. It is a form-fitting, yet flexible body suit with toeless, heelless socks.