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Seiji is one of the fastest on feet, and a rather good swordsman for a goblin. Though he suffers a massive perverted streak in peeping and groping when it comes to women, especially human and beast people girls. He becomes the Double Swordsman and Wind Lord of Paradigm.


  • Name: Seiji
  • Age: 7 Months (18 in goblin time)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Likes: Alcohol, women, Delilah (love interest), Rouhan and Kichi (best friends), Jin (friend/special project), Mia and all of Paradigm's members, boobs and butts
  • Dislikes: Humans (some at least), anchovies, spiders
  • Family: Goblin horde, Paradigm



Wind LordEdit


Seiji was born in the same generation as Rouhan and those that became his friends and family. Though his birth had a great deal of trouble in his conceivement, due to the female that birthed him failed twice. But she succeeded a third time, giving birth to Seiji. Immediately once he was grown on the fourth day, he was teamed up with Rouhan and Kichi, Rouhan being the one to bring them together. Rouhan’s ways were a bit confusing, but the results changed his mind.

During their fourth hunt and after coming back after seeing a few goblins coming out of the Treasure Trove, freshly done breeding with the women, he had to ask what was so special about breeding. That’s when Gramps told him all about the softness and warmth of the female gender: breasts, butts, waist and hips, and the wonderful feeling when sleeping with them. This eventually led to Seiji’s fascination with women and his perverted tendencies.

After they had killed their first Orc, he, Rouhan, and Kichi evolved into hobgoblins, with Seiji becoming a small muscled blonde-haired hobgoblin. He figured his looks would actually charm most women into sleeping with him.


Despite being a goblin-hobgoblin, Seiji has a relatively kind personality. He's pretty quick and fast thinking on his feet, though not a battle strategist, but he thinks about others when he discovers thing. He takes particular notice on small things which almost anyone else would have missed. He has shown signs of wanting to help others despite the situation and has a strong friendship with the ones he deems friends. He is usually calm even in the midst of danger and isn't afraid of what people see him as.

Seiji is also rather quick-tempered, resorting more often to steel-fisted violence than calm negotiation to settle disputes. Of course, the most noticeable of Seiji’s dispositional characteristics is his Napoleonic denial of his shortness when compared to larger ogres or to Kichi and Gajeele (even though he and Rouhan are the same height). Even in moments of relative composure, any and all references to his stature cause him to violently lose control of his emotions and lash out both verbally and physically.

One of the most common reason for these outbursts is if anything related to his size, since he has a complex about being shorter than average. Distinctive to these outbursts is Seiji's tendency to take even the most casual mention of his height as a gross insult and interpret it exaggeratedly, mistaking words as simple as "small" for phrases as contrived as "so-tiny-that-he-need-not-fear-being-crushed-by-a-boot-because-he-fits-so-easily-between-the-grooves-of-the-sole" and the like. Those unfortunate to utter the word "small" in his presence are fated to suffer one of his vindictive tantrums. Except for Delilah to whom she makes comments that he’s of average height.

Like most male goblins-hobgoblins, Seiji is a raging randy guy, as it is shown due to his ongoing perverted nature, often to make lecherous fantasies, and utterly obsessed with women's breasts, butts, thin waists, and having his own harem. This has caused him to be instantly labeled as a pervert among the girls not just of his clan and Paradigm, but also other species as well.

Despite his pervertedness, Seiji is kind, courageous, and unwaveringly determined of wanting to protect those who are important to him despite almost dying by the hands of his opponents. Another sign of his kind nature is that despite wanting to lose his virginity, Seiji refuses to take advantage of women when they are upset or asleep, even if they themselves are willing to.



  • Male Goblin-Hobgoblin-Wind Lord Variant
    • Transformation: When they reach the level, hobgoblins like Seiji is able to transform into an Ogre-like Lord form for heavy battle situations. It can only be accessed once he reached a power level of 100, and afterwards, it takes practice to master.
  • Wind-based Magic
    • Wind Slash
    • Wind Shield


  • Swordsmanship
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Knife/Dart throwing
  • Quick Thinking




Voice ActorEdit

Vic Mignogna


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