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Sei is a member of the older generation of Goblins from Rouhan's clan. She is a Mage and the only known Mage so far, and is part of the Sage force of Paradigm.  She serves as the voice of reason, and later helps Rouhan to teach him to utilize magic.


  • Name: Sei
  • Age: 1 year old (20 in Goblin years)
  • Hair: Ice Blue
  • Eyes: Green
  • Likes: Magic, reading, Sohta (best friend), Rouhan (much better leader than the last one), fine drinking
  • Dislikes: Stupidiy
  • Family: Goblin clan, Paradigm



Sage LordEdit


Sei was part of the first generation of Goblins, alongside Sohta, Gajeele, and Tazaar. 


Unlike the carefree Sohta, Sei is very strict and serious most of the time, rarely showing emotions. She cares about Sohta like a sister. She was at first very aloof, turning her nose up at seemingly everyone save for Sohta.

Sei is smart, has high wisdom, and has a cold head among her generation and her younger generation, as can be shown in the first conflict between Rouhan and the previous Hobgoblin Leader. She prefer to avoid pointless fighting and tends to not get into ranks of stronger goblins during non-magic competitions.

She also has a fondness for Darjeeling Tea and does not like playboys.







Voice ActorEdit

Jād Saxton


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