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Melina DuLacEdit

Melina's relationship with Riley has changed drastically over the years going from a small friendship, to steadfast partnership to even Melina developing an obsessive crush over him. Originally impressed by his open-minded nature and his polite characteristics she thought he was okay for a human. However once she turned him to save his life and she saw his enthusiasm for his new form she saw him more as a true friend, a person who would stand by her no matter what.

Over time as their 'competitions' to outdo each other in skill intensified Melina eventually led falling love with Riley, seeing him as an equal and a person worthy of her admiration. This only intensifies However her obsessive tendencies began to become more prominent leading to her sometimes chastising him when he was near other girls. But despite that she showers him with affection and will literally go weak at the knees when she thinks about him when alone, frequently grabbing the nearest thing to her to hug.

None the less she is extremely loyal to Riley being the first real friend she could count on since her packs murder, and always stands by him out of respect and love.

Xeneva QuatreEdit

Panta Edit

Kiri SarmersEdit

Talbot pack Edit

Peter talbot Edit

During their packs war, Riley was surprised that the others said that he and peter were alike. Soon Riley decides to finish this war by challenging peter to a duel. When they fought he realized that peter was looking after his pack just like Riley was.

When sir john stopped the fight and told them to call their packs. Riley was won why this figure came and stopped them, they were shocked to learn the that they were cousins.

Afterwards they got along great. They were like brothers, when one needed other they would come calling. When Riley was possessed by the doom dragon, peter came and fought to free him.

Sir john talbot Edit

when Riley learned about sir john, he looked up to him. When ever Riley needed someone to talk to he was there. He's glad to have him as a grandfather. When Riley was possessed by the doom dragon, sir john did everything he could to save Riley.

Jean Talbot Edit

Riley saw jean like a little sister, he helped her in any way he could. She liked having a cousin, she wishes him luck on his girl problems though


The Amell FamilyEdit

Arthur AmellEdit

Vivien AmellEdit

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