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Red Talon, or Hysteria Von Francesca, is a female werewolf and terrorist for the group known as the Red Lotus Pack; an organization bent on making the Tribes of the Moon the dominant race of Earth.


  • Name: Hysterica Von Francesca
  • Codename: Red Talon
  • Age: appears in her 20s (but Sir John states she's actually 107)
  • Hair: Pinkish Red (in both forms)
  • Eyes: Red (in both forms)
  • Likes: Power, dominance, winning, torturing poor young girls
  • Dislikes: Being outsmarted, losing
  • Family: Unknown





She was turned into a werewolf when her family was killed by the Spanish Flu and that she was on the very brink of death because of it. She now works for the "Red Lotus Pack", a Lycan orgnaization that wishes for the death of humanity and to become the dominant species of Earth, but soon began controlling Sarah, as she had disappeared.

The Foxes and the TalonEdit

She was following Peter Talbot and Rose 'Moxy' Moxen to obtain the ruby necklace Roxy stole before to obtain one of the 50 Immortal Fangs that was sealed in a sarcophagus in the Burke Museum in Everett. Eventually she captured them when they returned to the museum and unlocked the sarcophagus, revealing the Gravity Fang in a stone. She had Bargiel Backstrome, a Gamma in service to the Red Lotus, try to pull the sword out, but no matter what, it did not come out. The Talbot Pack broke free and began to fight them off, but then Peter grabbed the Fang and pulled it out, eventually defeating Bargiel, forcing the terrorists to escape

Night of the WolvesEdit

Red Talon lead suicidal werewolves by implanting a liquid container in them, and when a phone signal was sent it would mix with their blood, causing a violent chemical reaction turning them into Werewolf Bombs, one of them being a young troubled young man in school. However, after seeing Peter's will fighting her, got herself distracted by trying to contact her masters in telling him what she just learned, therefore not realizing that Sarah had awakened and attacked by her.


Despite being somewhat beautiful and charming in her own way, she is also manipulative, selfish, arrogant and shows a very abrasive attitude towards humans as well as her own kind. She herself told her men and thrilled Lycans, including her enslaved Sarah, that she shows no mercy and that she doesn't give any second chances.



  • Stealth
  • Combat
  • Military Strategist




Voice ActorEdit

Kelly McHalen


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