A Tengu and the leader of the Typhoon flock; a pack of scavengers who feast on any fallen prey after intense weather.

Characteristics Edit

Name: Raimei

Age: unknown

Hair: none (has black feathers)

Eyes: Yellow and Red

Likes: getting what he wants, whatever he can scavenge, prey

Dislikes: His prey escaping him, sharing his catch

Family: unknown

Appearance Edit

Raimei, like all Tengu, resembles an anthropomorphic crow or raven with claws on his wings and a human/bird-like head.

Personality Edit

Raimei, at first, seems kind and concerned, however his true nature is rather insane and he treats storms as bringers of food. He is also a sadistic scavenger who will go after any prey who escapes him until he catches it.

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