The Possessors are those chosen by Elementals who do the opposite of the Avatar Team :  they'd rather do good for themsleves than for others, putting them at odds with the Avatar Team.  But ultimately, they become the perfect minions for the Man in Black in service of the Shadow Entity.

Known MembersEdit

  • Zabrina Zafina (Dusk Blaze)
  • Kei Lo (Liquidator)
  • Jezebel Sigel (Pura)
  • Taylor Bryn (Megma)
  • Topher Jacot (Zeus Jr.)
  • Scott Wallis (Razor)
  • ​Finn Waxley (Greode)
    • ​Lilly Arde (Crystal)
    • ​Zane Arick (Granite)
    • ​Cameron Dunaway (Onyx)
    • ​Mickey Smith (Jasper)
    • Stacey Peters (Amber) - when all combined they form Goliath:  the Ground Colossus.
  • Ivy Peppers (Demeter)