One of the two American Werewolves on the Tsukiyomi Organization, he is the mate of Christie Argent-Talbot. He, along with Christie are the team's senior members.

Peter Talbot (Titan's Moon)
Vital statistics
Aliases Talbot's Heir
Species Alpha Werewolf
Gender Male
Age 21
Status Married to Christie
Affiliation Tsukyomi Organization
Physical Attributes
Hair Black
Eyes Brown (human)

Yellow (lycan)

Height 7'8 (human)

9'11 (lycan)

Weight 199 (lbs. in human)

220 (in Lycan)

Personality Statistics
Likes Action movies

Playing with the new toys given to him

Spending time with the Haradas


Were-creature equality

Dislikes The St. Arthur goons


King Ghidorah

Any Kaiju who ISN'T Mothra, Battra, Manda or King Seesar

Family Tree
Family Lawrence and Katherine Talbot (Parents)

Sir John Talbot (Grandfather)

Christie (wife)

Other Statistics
Voice Actor Josh Keaton