Paradigm is a mercenary group created by Rouhan. Its members have a lot of different variety of races all working together as one under Rouhan's command which has never been seen before in the world until Rouhan's arrival/birth to it. Usually a mercenary group at most has two or three different types/species of races, but Paradigm has more than 10 different types of species of monsters as its members.

Base of OperationsEdit

Known ClassesEdit

These are the known races that make up the group.

Known MembersEdit


  • Rouhan - Founder and Leader; Origin and End User
  • Mia - Second-in-Command (Rouhan's primary Love Interest/wife)
  • Kichi - Goblin/Hobgoblin/Elemental Fire Ogre Righthand Muscle
  • Seiji - Swordsman; Elemental Wind
  • Shino - Miner and Pickaxe wielder; Elemental Earth (Kichi's primary lover)
  • Jin - Healer Cleric
  • Gageele: Hobgoblin/Iron Ogre Berserker (Rouhan's rival/friend)
  • Sei: Hobgoblin/Spell Lord
  • Soh: Hobgoblin/Blood Blade Lord
  • Kalua - Puppet Master; Stealth Assassin
  • Mei: Oracle/Overseer Mage (Jine's Love interest)
  • Fuu: Hobgoblin/Ghoul Ogre Mage (Jine's Love interest)
  • Genki: Hobgoblin/Illusion Lord Mage
  • Fuuki - Hobgoblin/Storm Lord
  • Netsuki - Hobgoblin/Fire Lord
  • Gob Gramps: Goblin/Hobgoblin Mentor and Elder

Elves and Dark ElvesEdit

  • Luka Mercutio - Archer/Herb specialist/healer Wood Elf (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Yayaoi - Dark Elf Warrior
  • Varian - Dark Elf Blacksmith
  • Sharl (Shirley Sutherland) - Night Elf (Rouhan's Love Interest)


  • Sakuya: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin/Fire Oni Leader (Rouhan's Love Interest/2nd Wife)
  • Ren: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin Oni/Steel Oni Swordswoman
  • Shinobu: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin Oni Long-Range Fighter
  • Touta: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin Oni/Water Oni Swordsman
  • Yuuki: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin Oni/Jail Oni Hammer Warrior
  • Oniwaka: Goblin Oni/Hobgoblin Oni/Jail Oni Heavy Muscle
  • Kiri: Sorceress in Training

Beast PeopleEdit

  • Lillia: Pallum Supporter and Chemist (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Delilah: Bunny People Clan - Warrior/Chef
  • Kobuto: Kobold Commando


  • Steel MacDuff: Highland Warrior
  • Spinya Fenrer: Alchemist (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Katie Befeater: Female Rose Knight (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Charlotte Campbell: Female Rose Knight: Noir Warrior Knight (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Dora Fenner: Female Rose Knight; Claymore User
  • Claudia Leventine
  • Shay Finnley: Knight; Spearman
  • Levia: Female Rose Knight; Flame Swordswoman (Seiji's Love Interest)


  • Tel: Nereid/Hot Spring Hostess (Rouhan's Love Interest)
  • Lily and Rose: Liliraune/Florists (Seiji's Love Interest)
  • Mina: Minotaur/Farmer/Berserker (Kichi's Love Interest)

Known EnemiesEdit

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