The Omni Blade Fang, Also known as the "Ares Forge", is the ancestral weapon of the Demigods, a race built, both physically and mentally for combat. It is traditionally wielded by their strongest member of said race, the "Ares Warrior", though any capable Demigod can wield it.

It is the counterpart of The Death Scythe, belonging to the Reapers.



Its basic appearance is that of a silver gauntlet, with red and orange patches in some places. On the back of the palm, there is a red gem. When activated, the Fang covers both arms completely, up to the shoulders.


The Fang's basic ability is to encrease the strengh and resistence of its user. However, this Fangs true power is much more impressive.

It can generate ANY bladed weapon, from swords to spears, scythes, halberds and so on. The weapons are created from the Gauntlet and then detach, allowing the user to freely use them.

More experienced users can also grenerate weapons from the ground (by slamming the gountlet down), and even generate weapons arround them, telkinetically controlling their movement.

These weapons are incredibly sharp and also very resistent. Though they can be broken, it does't reallly matter, as the user can alwais create more.

Apperence wise, the weapons are, like the gauntlet, silver with patches of orange and red. All weapons will posses the same red gem present on the gounthlet.

The current user of this Fang, Cole walker, may sometimes create "gun berrels", to better condense his Smoke - based powers.

Known UsersEdit

Cole Walker

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