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Claw is Nodachi's pet micro-poodle and hates everybody except his owner. A vicious yappy little dog Claw is both a companion and a weapon, and was trained alongside Nodachi to use in combat. As such they share a very close bond and seem to work in perfect tandem, the little dog only becoming calm in the presence of Nodachi, and Nodachi only relaxing, prior to her change, whenever Claw was around. The two could even be found snuggling together while they slept, and Claw would often sit in the lap of her master while Nodachi meditated. Nodachi indeed is very attached to claw and early on is one of the few indications that she had any real humanity, and actually got very annoyed when Nawfar stated that she and Claw looked cute together: showing she is very touchy about people seeing her and Claw like this.

Still Nodachi holds no illusions as to Claws proper purpose and is more than willing to use the dog in combat, both for tracking and even attacking her opponents. While they travel Nodachi will often carry claw in a satchel on her waist where Claw in turn waits patiently till Nodachi barks orders at him. He is most frequently used as a tracking dog, having a unusually keen sense of smell for his breed, and on occasion Nodachi will open the bag and order Claw to jump out and go for her opponents throat as a savage attack dog. While this may seem very mean of her, Nodachi goes into a strong rage against anyone who hurts her dog.



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