Nekomatas are a race of humanoids that are on par with Skin-Changers. As such, they were hunted down by the Orcs and almost on the verge of extinction.


Nekomata are a cat-like species of Youkai which specialize in using ki, making them powerful and dangerous. At the time of the Orc invasion, most of their kind were hunted down, but not killed. Like the Skin-changers, they were kept alive as sport, being tortured until they died. Now they are all but extinct, with only a few scattered about.


Nekomata bear a striking physical resemblance to humans, albeit with a set of cat ears and two tails. They also have eyes with cat-like pupils. The only exception being Magari whose appearance is completely that of a cat albeit with nine tails.


Being a cat-like species, Nekomata naturally have great reflexes and heightened senses. Nekomata are also capable of performing Senjutsu and Youjutsu.

It has been revealed that female Nekomata normally mate with the males of different races (mainly with human males), as males among their species are rare.



The Familiar-type Nekomata. They are changers in size rather than appearance, as their default forms are that of a small bushy-tailed cat like creature big enough to be held in two hands. Once they transform, they become a monstrous ten foot long 54 inch wide and horse height-based war beast, powerful in strength, speed, and ferocity.

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