Natalie Norwest
Vital statistics
Aliases Princess
Species human (werewolf when turned eleven)
Age 10-11 (aged up to 14)
Physical Attributes
Hair Light Blonde (in both forms)
Eyes Green (yellow in Lycan)
Height 4'8ft (Pre transformation)

5ft (Post TF) 5'11ft (Lycan)

Weight 100lbs (Pre TF)

108lbs(post TF) 144lbs (Lycan)

Personality Statistics
Likes Her sister, Derek (thinks of him as a cool brother and better boyfriend than Roland was), werewolves, werecats, anything to do with the paranormal and supernatural
Dislikes Being alone, her sister not being able to spend time with her, not being a werewolf (formerly)
Family Tree
Family Margaret Norwest (mother) Nathan Norwest (Step-father) Biological father (Unknown), Ashley Norwest (older sister)
Other Statistics
Voice Actor Luci Christian
Natalie Norwest is the ten year old sister of Ashley Norwest, and the second heir of the Norwest Family. Using her money, she has bought her own oil rig-sized yacht and has formed her own club/cult: the Underside of the Wolf's Paw.

Later on, after being turned by her sister, she becomes the unofficial leader of the Talbot Pack Crusaders.


  • Name: Natalie Anthony Norwest
  • Alias: Princess
  • Age: 10-11 (aged up to 14)
  • Hair: Light Blonde (later on in both forms)
  • Eyes: Green (later on Yellow in Lycan)
  • Likes: Her sister, Derek (thinks of him as a cool brother and better boyfriend than Roland was), werewolves, werecats, anything to do with the paranormal and supernatural, her best friends, Zeeve Leads (best friend later on boyfriend)
  • Dislikes: Being alone, her sister not being able to spend time with her, not being a werewolf (formerly)
  • Family: Margaret Norwest (mother) Nathan Norwest (Step-father) Biological father (Unknown), Ashley Norwest (older sister)



Natalie is a petite 11 year old Caucasian girl with a slim frame, and blone hair cut down to her shoulders, that spike up at the ends, with two long bangs going down to her shoulders, and combed to the right are her bangs, and has bright green eyes. She’s also a big fan of gothic Lolita, as she’s dressed in varius styles of it.

Once she’s bitten, she gains the body of a fourteen year old frame. Her breasts have yet to develop yet, but she gains an A-cup breast size, but her most physical and alluring part of her is her tight waist and her finely shaped butt.


Her Lycan form is much like her sister’s in fur color: yellow blonde and white. She has a white fur underbelly on her face, neck, chest, arms and legs, along with a white tip on her tail. Her yellow fur is shown on her ears, hair, sides of her neck, shoulders that end at triangular points, with triangular patches on her forearms, and yellow fur going down her back and butt, with yellow on the outer parts of her thighs and ending at points on the sides of her knees, a yellow triangular patch on her lower legs, and a yellow tail. Her eyes are noticeably yellow.

Pack AttireEdit

Her Pack attire is a somewhat copy of her sisters, except the colors are in reverse, in that she has a whole white ensble with black straps, belt and trimming. She wears a white one piece with a white top jacket with no sleeves, and ends above her belly button with a black color and trim on the bottom. She has white glove sleeves with black straps under the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. She has white leggings that end at her mid thighs, and exposes her toes and ankles, with black straps on her thighs, calves, ankles, and toes, with black kneeguards. She has a black utility belt that connects on the sides, with a white shawl guard on the sides and back of her lower waist, ending at the back of her knees in a diamond point with black trimming. She also has a white backpack with black side stripes and a black circle on top.


Natalie was conceived before Nathan Norwest had proposed to her mother, but was accepted as his daughter no matter the biological ties, thus making her the second daughter of the Norwest Family. Unlike her more mature and in control sister, Natalie is the spontaneous and more excitable kind of leader. Growing up, she became more into stuff like Lolita and cat ears, as when she was three, Mr. Norwest placed a set on her head, and said she looked cute as a button. This prompted her to have animal accessories such as fake ears and tails on her whenever she was at home. She is also a big fan of the Wildcatz band.

Though this also led to her fascination of werecreatures as well, and later became a club for her to build as it turned more into a cult following: the Underpaw of the Wolf. Ashley, acting as the big sister, told her werecreatures weren't real, even though she was turned into one, but Natalie was persistent and became even more involved when the Talbot Pack starting saving people.

Overtime, Natalie noticed that whenever Ashley was gone, the Talbot Pack was out and about and she also noticed the blonde werewolf Queen looked familar to her. She decided to trail her sister at night to find out the possible connection between Ashley and Queen.

Underside of the Wolf's PawEdit

After her first encounter with werewolves (Huntress and Sage), she and her two friends managed to buy a large oil rig freighter and converted it into a hotel club paradise for those who were fans of the Werewolves of Everett. It had grown a huge following, surprising the girls, but Natalie smiled proudly, as she showed pictures of Alpha and Queen, declaring them both to be the Adam and Eve of their kind.

One plan made up by Natalie’s friend was to get Queen and Alpha on one of their patrols, to which the other pack members believed was a kidnapping. When Natalie learned of this, she was visually upset, stating that this would give the werewolves the wrong idea about their club. However, her friend stated it might be a good plan, since she could try to convince them both to turn the members into werewolves, creating a new secret community of sorts for the club to expand.

Once Alpha and Queen have awakened, they are soon greeted by Natalie’s friends, who take them to a playroom, where Natalie is dressed like a giant wolf teddy bear, to which her friends state that she’s a top of the line robot built to play with them. Queen, smelling Natalie under the suit, plays along with it and has a blast of a time, while Natalie’s friends hang out with Alpha, who asks him questions that he either knows or doesn’t know the answers to. After she’s nearly pooped out, Queen finally states she knows that she’s a young girl in a costume, to which she could smell her. Finally, Natalie pulls off the costume, to which Queen asks why they have taken them. Natalie confesses she didn’t want to kidnap them, nor they had any desire to hold them against their will. But she asks that she and her friends be given the opportunity to join their pack… as Lycans themselves, which shock both teenage werewolves on this.

However, Alpha states that it would be wrong to involve kids in this. The girls plead to be turned, stating they think being werewolves would be great, though Alpha sternly states that lycanthropy isn’t a fad they’ll grow out of; they’ll be stuck with it. Natalie states that they made their minds, and they don’t care, they wanted this.

Before anything could go further, the ship goes under attack by rogue Argent Hunters (led by Raynare), to which she had turned along with her, breaking into a battle that nearly puts the whole fan club in danger. As Queen and Alpha attempt to escape with the three girls, Raynare manages to stop them in an attempt to kill them all for vengeance. During the fight, Ashley tweaks in her transformation a little, giving clues to Natalie that Queen is in fact her sister. After everyone is saved, and Raynare and her makeshift pack are seemingly destroyed aboard the oil freighter, Natalie confronts Ashley, stating that she knows who she is, pushing until Ashley breaks down.

Natalie agrees to keep her secret as well as the others… if she and her friends are turned by her 11th birthday, earning annoyed groans from everyone as they agree to the terms.

Happy 11th Birthday... Going on 14Edit

A month after the Red Lotus attack, and when Sarah and Tom joined the pack, Natalie's birthday came up, to which the promise between the two sisters would come up. After that day, late that night on the full moon, she, Diana, Stacie, and surprisingly Zeeve were brought to the preserve that Peter spent his first full moon out on.


Being almost the opposite of her older sister, Natalie can be spontaneous and extremely devoted to her love of Lycans, which eventually led to her forming the Underpaw of the Wolf. Even though childish in her decision making, she knows when things are getting dangerous for her and her friends.

When things are at their best or worst, she actually keeps a cool head on it and takes charge Johnny on the Spot, so to speak.

She finds werewolves and the supernatural amazing, stating that they are the only link to giving the world true value, and that if all that's taken away... the world becomes poor and less in it.



  • Energy Absorption: She absorbs electricity at all times: from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, etc (often causing lights to flicker, etc).
  • Super Speed: She has the ability to channel the energy into bursts of super-speed. Her top speed has not been officially calculated, but she once ran from upper New York to the mountains of Colorado in one afternoon. Apparently, she can run at several hundred miles per hour, and retain that speed for several hours.


  • Leadership Qualities
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat


  • Pack Attire
  • Utility Belt


Natalie's Relationships


Voice ActorEdit

Luci Christian


  • Natalie's theme song is Take it Off by Nightcore.


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