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Rosen ClanEdit

Estella DevlukeEdit

Momelia has shown very high respects for her sister. Momelia's respect was also shown when she did not try to steal Mark and Liz from her, and instead decided to be content with being Vivian and Cameron's lover. Momelia has since found a compromise so that her sister would not be heartbroken, and Momelia can still be happy.

Momo encourages Estella to be more appealing to Mark and Liz, especially since she will need to be his legal wife in order to make the Harem Plan possible. She tries to teach Estella some of the more mature aspects of romantic relationships by using her dating sim games as examples (Though she is unable to show her anything beyond kissing, not willing to taint her sister's innocense just yet).

Vivian RosenEdit

Cameron CarrackEdit

She has a strong attraction towards Cameron and Vivian, only it's more lustful than anything else. She has stated how his facial expressions are lovely, letting him touch her tail, and even becomes more aroused when he's called a "Beast".

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