Mistress (Pandora Natsu)
Vital statistics
Aliases Mistress, Scout General Rank 2
Species Human, Gusado Elf (Turned)
Age 1206 (True age)

25 (Physical appearance) 14 (Youthful appearance)

Status Alive

Single Clan Archon

Physical Attributes
Hair Chestnut Brown
Eyes Honey Brown (Human)

Glowing brown (Elf)

Height 5'11 ft (Human)

7 ft (Elf)

Weight 125 lbs (Human)

188 lbs (Elf)

Personality Statistics
Family Tree
Family Mu Natsu, Naoki Natsu (From the same clan)
Other Statistics

A member of the elvish Priest caste, Pandora Natsu, otherwise known as Mistress, is one of several generals who were trapped in the human world after the Royal houses failed invasion. Unlike her contemporaries Pandora, or Mistress as she was dubbed, is able to blend into human society and for a long time is a point of concern as they have no idea who she is. Little do they know she is operating right under their nose as the newest teacher at Shepard High.


  • Name: Pandora Natsu
  • Aliases: Mistress, Scout General Rank 2
  • Age: 1206 (True Age)

25 (Human Age) 14 (Younger age)

  • Hair: Chestnut Brown
  • Eyes: Honey Brown (Human), Glowing Brown (Elf)
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Family:



Younger formEdit

Elf FormEdit


Avatar FormEdit





  • Mist generation
  • Magic cloak: Pandora's natural magic is actually known as Magic Cloak, which is where she can hide or dampen her magical powers to make herself undetectable to magical scans, helping her to blend in.
  • Fairy form
  • Avatar form
  • Ki manipulation
    • Ki projection and control
    • Physical control: Using Ki Mistress is able to alter her physical condition and age. She can make herself stronger, weaker, faster or more resilient in specific area by willing it, through techniques like dead nerves and hyper strength. However she mainly uses this technique to reshape and alter her body to make her appear different as she performs stealth operations on earth. She even has taken on the form of a young fourteen year old to win the trust of others.


  • Physical control master
  • Ki user
  • Leadership
  • Stealth
  • Seduction
  • Torture
  • Teaching


  • Magical wind sword
  • Magical beauty box: With this box Mistress can change her hair, eye and skin colour on the fly, further changing what she cannot manipulate with Ki. However if anyone were t open this box while she is disguised, her glamor spell will drop.


Mistress Relationships


Voice ActorEdit



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