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Megan Onsen is the personal maid of Ashley Norwest, and is one of the few humans who know of the Talbot Pack's true identities. In fact, Megan doesn't care if Ashley is a werewolf, as she deeply cares for her, for she is her friend.


  • Name: Megan Onsen
  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Purple
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Likes: Serving Ashley, later on Marco(becomes crush and later on in the future love interest)
  • Dislikes: People mistreating/disrespecting Ashley, feeling useless
  • Family: Norwest Family


Megan is a young Caucasian lady of sixteen with purple short cut hair that touched her shoulders, with orange colored eyes, and a smile that would make any man melt. She has a slender figure with a C-cup chest. She also has a cute beauty mark mole under the end of her left eye.

She usually wears a rather well made maid outfit uniform.


She is Ashley's personal maid, who had been serving her since childhood and a student at Shepard High. When she was young, she was clumsy and sucked at her job. One day, while cleaning up Ashley's room, she accidentally shattered a porcelain doll, but in the process while trying to clean it up, received a deep gash on her right arm. Ashley immediately came in, and saw the scene before her. Megan attempted to apologize for destroying the doll, but Ashley rushed over, tearing her own dress to bandage the gash. Stunned by this, she asked why she did such a thing, to Ashley commenting she could have as many dolls or dresses she wanted, but there was only one Megan. Thus, beginning the sister-like friendship between master and maid.


Megan's dedication towards Ashley is so great that, after she and the others go to Europe, she stows away to accompany and serve her.

Megan was aware that Ashley was a werewolf when she saw her transforming, but never thought differently of her for it. She's clumsy and sometimes dense, but very diligent and dedicated in serving and caring for Ashley. Ashley's reckless actions are always a cause for concern for Megan, at one point trying to prevent Ashley from leaving for a mission due to her bad cold. Megan is Ange's emotional support in both good and bad times, seeing her not only as a master but as part of her family.

Megan is the only known human that doesn't discriminate against the Lycans or any Extra-species, even those other than Ashley or her pack. She also seems to be genuinely concerned about them as well, especially as the relationships of the others with the Talbot Pack improve.



  • Cooking
  • Martial Arts training and Combat
  • Cleaning
  • Vehicle Knowledge


  • Frying Pan: She's skilled with a frying pan in both cooking and combat


Megan's Relationships


Voice ActorEdit

Cynthia Martinez


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