Peter comes to face the Beast that bit him and learns of his plans... and is forced to make a life-changing decision.


After Peter takes in the fact that the werewolf before him is the one that turned him, he goes on the attack and overpowered by the other werewolf. Mikey and Sarah continue to watch the fight on the sidelines until Mikey finds a piece of board and decides to help Peter. This however leads to him getting a broken pipe through his stomach from being pushed aside by the Beast. He then sets his sights on changing Kylie into a werewolf, until Peter in a blind rage for what happened to Mikey attacks the beast and then lures him away from the girls to the roof of the store. While one the roof, the Beast offers Peter the opportunity to join his new pack while revealing that he turned three others into werewolves and in their confusion will turn others into werewolves as well. Peter refuses to join him just another werewolf shows up to back Peter up. With the Beast outnumbered, he leaves telling Peter to think about his offer. Peter goes to thank the new one but finds that he is gone just as fast as he appeared.

At the Argent Pawn Shop some time later, Roland and another punk are planning to rob the shop under the ruse of trading silver for cash. He is overpowered by the shop owner and Christie's grandfather Abraham Argent. He gives Roland the choice of either receiving a fatal wound or leave the bills and guns with him and leave the store that instant. Roland goes with the second option but not before leaving a warning with Abraham. Christie's father Ron Argent checks on his step-father to see if anything is wrong just in time to hear about the attack at the movie rental store.

At the hospital, Peter arrives in human form to be told that Mikey was in bad condition and was assumed he wouldn't make through the week. After visiting hours finished, Peter returns in werewolf form to speak with Mikey privately. Peter feels great regret for Mikey's present condition and Mikey knows that he is dying and that the only way to save him is to be turned into a werewolf as well. Peter is unsure it will work since he found out that he was a Beta wolf, but with no other option, Peter bites Mikey. He then leaves before the staff checks on Mikey.

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  • Peter comes face to face with the werewolf that bit him, and learns that there are others that were bitten and turned.
  • Mikey is turned by Peter to save his life.