M.O.N.S.ters Squad
M.O.N.Sters, or Monster Ops: Neutralization Squadron, is a squadron of monsters tasked by Bio-Tech Corp with dealing with monsters and super villains that try to threaten the town of Everett.

Formation Edit

Due to the rise of abnormal occurrences, as well as the continued sightings of the Talbot and Darke Pack whenever danger arose, it was deemed by Ashley’s stepfather, Nathan Norwest, to the city council that the police were unable to use necessary force to combat let alone arrest extra-species lawbreakers. The M.O.N,Sters is a special unit comprised of monsters either found or resurrected, and led by the only human in their group, to handle such "untouchable" situations involving extraspecies lawbreakers, as well as the attempted arrest of the vigilante werewolf packs that pop up.

They were first called in to to deal with a gang of Lava beasts that had been awakened by an oil rig near Tiger Port that had dug above them. They attacked the workers, which the Talbot Pack had intervened in time to save the workers. However, the M.O.N.Sters team had arrived and quickly began to take down the Lava Beasts. Afterwards, they attempted to arrest the Talbot Pack, but luckily the wolf pack got away in confusing press before either team was filmed.

After their leader became a werewolf, they became a symbol of humans and extraspecies coming together, protecting both sides from enemies from either kinds. They even teamed up with the Talbot and Darke Packs on certain occasions and worked with them, not arrest them, because they are carrying out the same mission

Team MembersEdit

  • Zack - Zombie commando
  • Dru - Walking Greenhouse
  • Tanya - Ogre Muscle and Hostage Caretaker
  • Polly - Kobold Tracker and physical/combat trainer
  • Suu - Slime Spy
  • Zahir - Phenomenal Cosmic Powered entity
  • Roccos -Dragon muscle

Extra Team MembersEdit

  • Claudia - Gestalt 'Frankenstein' creature, Heavy Hitter

Tech/Science SupportEdit

  • Kirk Morbius - Tech Support (Biological related)/Backup Team Member/Wingman/"Living sonar"


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