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The Lunar Knights

The Lunar Knights are a Werewolf Pack made in a long time, by Peter Talbot and Harley Quinzel to protect Everett from their own crime problems. Made up of Peter's friend and allies, along with a few reformed villains, they have made it their sworn duty to protect their home town from corrupt humans, or other supernatural or paranormal threats.

Official MembersEdit

Harley's PackEdit

  • Shona Choudhary (Bolly): Anger-Management Delta Immigrant
  • Carlita Alvarez (Carli): Weapon Master Delta
  • Antonia Moore (Harlem): New York She-Gamma
  • Erica Zhang (Queen): Expert Demolition Delta
  • Hanna Borgman (Hanuka): Niece of Sy Borgman who wants to be a Superhero. Delta Hacker
  • Harvey McPhearson (Harvey-Hitter): Beta Playboy
  • The Quintettes (Maria, Rosetta, ): Five sisters who lied about their age

Tenants of Talbot Hall/AlliesEdit

  • Madame Macabre: Queen of the Gypsies/Owner of Macabre's Wax Museum and Mother to the Sizemore Siblings.
  • Big Tony/Big T: Former Freakshow Midget/Boarding House Manager
  • Humphrey Dumpler/Humpty Dumpty: Literal Egg-Head genius of a million cybernetic bodies and Q of the Knights
  • Queenie: Tailor for the Lunar Knights
  • Coach
  • Sy Borgman:
  • Dr. Blockhead: Escape Artist and Body contortionist
  • The Conundrum: "Geek" and assistant to Dr. Blockhead