<Liz Azuria

Rosen ClanEdit

Mark RosenEdit

Mark is the first dragon Liz meets, and the one she spends the most time with due to them being coworkers. Over time, she begins to develop romantic feelings for him, something that is not helped by her constantly seeing him naked.


At first, Liz didn't get along well with Salia, with the feeling being mutual. But after being stuck with each other as captives of the Cybermen, they begin to develop respect for each other, eventually becoming close friends.

Peridot HaddockEdit

Liz has had a crush on Peridot ever since the young man started coming to her Meh Burger to study. Though she tries her best to drop subtle hints she likes him, he's entirely oblivious to her feelings, until Shelby flat out tells him the truth. Overall to say, she becomes completely embarrassed about this... and equally confused due to her feelings for Markus.

Estella DevlukeEdit

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