A sudden mutational variant of "alraune", with two women's bodies growing from one flower. Like the original variety, they lure in prey through the fragrance of sweet nectar without moving very much from one spot.


They are plant-like humanoids, birthed from the same giant flower. Always naked but cover each other with their bodies or with vines and leaves. The two women correspond with a stamen and pistil, and perhaps for that reason, they seek one another. They're rooted flowers, which mean they can't chase down men or women; they rely instead on sweet scents to bring their victims to them.


Like other plant-like species, they are timid and prefer to not move around a lot, but as they use cross-pollination rather than self-pollination to procreate, they do require interaction with other species (primarily humans) and as such are noted for being more friendly toward other species than other plant-like beings.

Noted for being carnivorous (both literally and sexually), the species is known for sharing a symbiotic relationship with Papillions where, as the Alraune lures prey in with their sweet smelling nectar (which also doubles as an aphrodisiac), the Papillion would paralyze the prey with their scales, whereupon they would both feed upon the helpless prey.

The humanoid sections of their body correspond to the flowers of plants, and they resemble extremely beautiful women in order to attract pollination partners.


  • Botany: As Liliraune are part plant and live naturally in the environment, they are knowledgeable on all of the matters in nature around them, such as where certain plants grow. However, they lacks certain knowledge such as whether certain plants are poisonous when ingested.
    • Dryad Physiology
    • Nutrient Absorption: As they are half plant, their basic sustenance is water and nutrients from the ground, by placing their 'roots' into the ground. It also effects them in the same way it would a plant.
  • Vines: They can use their vines and roots to grab and restrain their opponents.
  • Nutrient Extraction: If required, it is possible to extract the nutrients they have absorbed by sucking on their breasts.



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