The main character of Godzilla: Gods and Monsters. She is descended from a line of Japanese werewolves known as Okami on her father's side and has to understand her destiny and her legacy in order to defeat the ancient enemy of her ancestors: Yamiojo. She is also the reincarnation of the priestess Mitsuko.

Kylie Ginxem (G:GAM)
Vital statistics
Aliases Kylie Hinata Ginxem

Mitsuko Reborn

Species Half-blooded Okami
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Alive/Single
Affiliation Moon Runners
Physical Attributes
Hair Light violet (both forms)
Eyes Violet (both forms)
Height 6'6 (human)

8'10 (wolf)

Weight 132 pounds
Personality Statistics
Likes Mochi

Mikey Corvis


Dislikes Having to play Japanese Chess with her grandmother (she thinks she cheats)

Getting up close to the Kaiju (Just because she's fascinated by them, doesn't mean she wants to get in their faces)


Family Tree
Family Sakura Hinata (grandmother)
Other Statistics
Voice Actor Alison Lohman

Characteristics Edit

  • Name: Kylie Hinata Ginxem
  • Alias: Mitsuko Reborn
  • Age: 19
  • Hair: Light Violet (both forms)
  • Eyes: Light Violet (both forms)
  • Likes: Mochi, Mikey, Kaijuology, Nature (due to her predecessor's love of nature), Japanese Chess
  • Dislikes: Having to play her grandmother in Japanese Chess (she always feels she cheats), Getting up close to the Kaiju (especially Godzilla), Yamiojo, watching death and destruction
  • Family: Sakura Hinata (grandmother), Mitsuko (ancestor)

Appearance Edit

Human Edit

Kylie has light, palish gray skin, long violet hair, violet hair and has a ponytail tied up with a metallic black scrunchie on the front right side, with a few bangs brushed to the left, and her eyes are light violet. She frequently wears a purple choker with a pendant on it.

As a Miko she wears a traditional miko attire with swirling purple and silver highlights. She is also barefoot.

Okami Edit

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Personality Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This version of Kylie shares similarities to two characters: Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (loves nature and only kills if she has to) and Kagome (a reincarnation of a priestess who died fighting a demon).