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Riley TalbotEdit

When she first ran into Riley and Melina, she called him Incompetent, and continuously called him Mr. Incompetent. After setting into the Pinesfree Mansion (Mystery Mansion), she was often overbearing towards him and enjoyed making fun of him. She gained a sense of respect for him when they successfully completed a mission together to stop a maniac called Ogre. They are close but prone to bickering, with the leader of the Path of Peace even declaring that they were bound by the red string of fate. During their time together, Kiri developed romantic feelings, but is too proud to admit it, knowing that Melina and he were far better suited.

However, after her first Time Freeze, things changed as she became determined to win him... or share him with the hot-headed Melina. She admits that he was the first kiss she ever had, and compared it to her first time drinking a mocha late (As Black as Night, Fiery as Hell, but sweet and gentle as a Butterfly on her lips).

Melina DuLacEdit

Vivien AmellEdit

Talbot PackEdit

Peter TalbotEdit

When she first met Riley's cousin for the first time, she immediately freaked out, stating there were two Mr. Incompetents in the world.

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