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Kate Argent is the sister-in-law of Ron Argent, and is the aunt of Christie Argent. A werewolf hunter, she takes her job a little too seriously.


  • Name: Katherine 'Kate' Argent
  • Age:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Likes: Killing,
  • Dislikes: Werewolves, Lucien
  • Family:




She has a fantastic hate for werewolves and would gladly kill an innocent one without hesitation and is willing to use humans as collateral damage.

Kate is determined and tenacious. She will go to great lengths to make sure her objectives are met. Unlike the other Argent Hunters, she has a very sadistic side to her. When Derek repeatedly exclaims that he wouldn’t tell her the location or identity of the Talbot Pack members, Kate continues to torture him, determined to find his packmates’ location and identities while enjoying the sight of agony inflicted at the same time. She also acts before thinking. Just as Christie is about to stop her, she shoots her without hesitation. She later admits that she was too hasty in her decision when it is revealed that Christie had a lot of potential to be a hunter like her had she not killed her.

She also holds zero compassion for her enemies, even if they are/were innocent people. Though she hates the werewolves, she was willing to join forces with supernatural creatures if it meant to further her goals, such was the case with Maximus. Though all this may come from her years in working in the shadows, causing her to become paranoid and fearful of these creatures.

Despite claiming herself to be saving the world from the threat of the Paranormal/Supernatural, a majority of the destruction and death is caused by her and her loyal followers and supporters. Whether she sees it or not, she's a hypocrite considering that she couldn't allow any rescue services to recover the injured when innocent people were caught in the crossfire, and even allows the leveling of a neighborhood or town to find the Talbot Pack and hide her co-operation.


Voice ActorEdit

Laura Post


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