Claire NightshadeEdit

The two are as opposite as it can get, though admittingly, Jinx begrudgingly states that Claire's like an older sister she never had. But they can sometimes go at each other, stating whose weapons are better; Jinx favors her cannons, while Claire complains that blades are a more efficient weapon that came from a more civilized era rather than the uncivilized time when guns were invented, "At least blades don't have to be reloaded".

Hal DarkholmEdit

Her attraction towards Ha - aside from finding him "interesting" — is also due to because she sees him as a sort of emotional anchor to the world of mortals. She has a rather friendly but lewd personality near him, as when she joined up with the Nightwalkers, she started sitting on his lap, claiming he was the best seat in any house.

Barbara CainEdit

Barbara's admittingly the only one she likes to hang around with, considering she says she likes cats. Though at times, not much to Jinx's annoyance but slacking nature, she lets Barb sleep with her for company. And she's the only one that doesn't mind if she's in the nude, as they both go nudist on each other.

Crimson WingsEdit

Alaric Vladimir Gregory DragonovEdit

Despite her unstable attitude, she admits to one thing: Alaric frightens her. And in the bad way. She stated that he would spread a plague of madness and fear that would affect the world around him, in that humanity wouldn't have a chance against him.

Talbot PackEdit

Maria DeBlancaEdit

Her one goal in her immortal life is to make Maria crack a smile... or at least showcase any other emotion to break her stone-face exterior.

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