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Jean first met Peter shortly after he patrolling, hoping to show others that werewolves were more than just monsters, viewing Peter as a kindhearted person. After Raynare almost killed Jean from the brainwashing, viewing her as just a failure in this, Jean weakly thanked Peter for being her first friend, giving him enough strength to defeat the rogue Argent Hunters for her abduction. Jean, at first, has strong feelings towards Peter and wishes to stay together with him forever. But that soon changes when she realizes Charles cares for her the same way to her. Whenever Peter or Charles are put into a situation of anything perverted or behaves in a lecherous manner towards another girl, she would often get teary-eyed and pull at either boy’s cheeks. Though she realizes that Peter is in love with Christie, she doesn't give up on her desire to see him happy.

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She met Charles the same time she met Peter, as they were both patrolling, at first believing Charles to be a bit of a reckless fool, she saw him as a kindhearted person as well.

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Jean cares for Christie like a sister even though she knows that Peter loves Christie. She will not give up on her love for him, but still supports Christie's relationship with Peter, even helping Peter to confess his feelings for Christie. Both also show the same interest as they both found kid Peter very cute.

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Vivian and Jean are best friends, even though Vivian tends to frustrate Jean sometimes with her perverted antics. Still, the two are almost inseparable ever since Vivian saved Jean from being eaten alive.