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Darke PackEdit

Rachel DarkeEdit

Sandra DarkeEdit

Howard ImmersonEdit

Despite the fact that he's not the most social person, sticking his nose in electrnic gear, or she's teasing him by calling him a monkey due to his posture when working on a computer, the two have feelings for each other ever since they were kids. They met when they were eleven, and both loved to work with things with a keyboard. Both Howard and Jaz have a mutual crush on one another. She likes to tease him the most; to her, it's her way of flirting with him.

Talbot PackEdit

Sarah PattrelEdit

Because Sarah was the source of her change, she held a grudge at first. When they first attacked the Talbot Pack, she immediately went after her, using every amount of power she had in her howls to attack her. But later on, when she realized Sarah was under Hysterica's control, she allowed bygones be bygones. But it was only because Mikey convinced her otherwise.

Mikey CorvisEdit

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