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A Metahuman Outsider with the ability to take on a semi-liquid form.

Characteristics Edit

  • Name: Inque (real name unknown)
  • Age: 21
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Likes: Fooling around with Black Lightning, putting her powers to good use, spending time with her adopted daughter
  • Dislikes: Water (it dilutes her liquid form), having Halo lecture her, Deana's tantrums, anyone messing with her daughter
  • Family: Deana Clay (adopted daughter)

History Edit

Not much is known about Inque other than she was once a mercenary/assassin before joining the Outsiders. During a run, Inque came across an orphaned girl named Deana Clay and decided to adopt her.

Personality Edit

Inque has a very snarky personality and likes to play pranks on other members of the Outsiders, particularly Black Lightning and Geo-Force, especially when joined by her partner-in-crime Metamorpho. However, she can become rather serious and wants to leave her days as a mercenary behind her as to raise her adopted daughter correctly.

Powers/Abilities Edit

  • Self-Liquification: Inque is able to take on a semi-liquid form which can allow her to access hard to reach places. However, she is also vunerable to water. Granted she can reform but it takes a while.

Voice Actor Edit

Lisa Ortiz

Trivia Edit

  • Inque in FMK shares aspects of her incarnation in Batman Beyond as well as aspects of her more heroic incarnation in Future's End.
  • This is the first time Inque is part of the Outsiders.
  • Inque in this incarnation seems to be of Mexican descent since at times she mutters curses in Spanish and even interrogates Bane in Spanish.

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