Ian Williams

Ian Human 1

Ian PA 1

Ian Lycan 1

Ian LPA 1

Vital statistics
Aliases Boulder
Species Gamma Werewolf
Age 17-18
Status Alive


Physical Attributes
Hair Light Brown (in both forms)
Eyes Black (Yellow in Lycan form)
Height 6'7" ft

8'7" ft

Weight 210 lbs
Personality Statistics
Likes Following Sandra's Orders, driving around in his car, working out
Dislikes Chaos, sick senses of humor, Jaz's sarcasm, Jaz's nicknames for him, Howen's laidback attitude
Family Tree
Family Unknown
Other Statistics

Ian Williams is the star quarterback of the Shepard High Wolves. Made into a werewolf by a freaky full moon rampage by Sarah Pattrel(under Hysterica's control), he becomes a Gamma werewolf and Shield/Muscle of the Darke Pack.


  • Name: Ian Williams
  • Age: 17-18
  • Hair: Light brown (in both forms)
  • Eyes: Black (yellow in Lycan Form)
  • Likes: Following Sandra's Orders, driving around in his car, working out
  • Dislikes: Chaos, sick senses of humor, Jaz's sarcasm, Jaz's nicknames for him, Howen's laidback attitude
  • Family: Unknown


Ian has always been the big enforcer, even before he became a Werewolf.


While all of the Darke Pack are loyal to one another, Ian is the most outwardly loyal by a huge margin. Even when he’s not on the football field, Ian is always serious, bearing no tolerance for foolishness, and often shouts at the top of his lungs whenever opposed in any way. He typically berates his much more casual colleagues and keeps them in line for Sandra, and is considered to be her second right-hand man. As befits someone with a nickname like Boulder in his football gear, Ian seems to hold adherence to the law, his ideas of ethical behavior, the hierarchy of the academy and winning the game above all else.

Ian intimidates those around him due to his height and muscle bulk. However, despite his appearance, he will never hurt an innocent and will always aid those in need.

He also has no qualms about being next to naked, even before becoming a werewolf.

Ian is also very honor-bound and has a strong resolve. This is shown after his defeat at the hands of Peter and Tom, he took out a knife and attempted Seppuku. However, Sandra and the others stopped him, with Sandra telling him to "wipe away his own tears".



  • Superhuman Strength: Even before he became a werewolf, Ian possess an immense, almost absurd amount of physical strength, enough to overpower multiple opponents without activating his own. Even before he became a werewolf, he was able to overpower Sarah with his bare hands until eventually she bit him.


  • Enhanced Physical Prowess: In his Lycan Form, Ian’s immense size, physical strength, and durability are even more increased. He would be able to literally squish Tom in his Hulk Form between his hands with no effort. His arms are tough enough to block off both Ashley’s Electric strikes.


Ian's Relationships


Voice ActorEdit

Patrick Seltz

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