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He met her after he and his gang were trying to rough up Sandra Darke’s middle school, the two fought during his third year of middle-school, as the Gang Leader of the Alliance Representative. After his loss, she hired him as her bodyguard, hoping to give him a better life outside of the streets, and for a place where his skills can be fully unleashed. At first he was a bit resentful, but over time, he started to show admiration in her strength in both body, mind, will. But also, he was touched by the kind side that only he would see when no one else saw, aside from her sister, Rachel.

Soon admiration and loyalty between the two became something more in secret… as they became lovers. Though he knew Sandra was hesitant to take it further in their relationship, since she was a Lycan and he was a normal human, he respected her choice, even though it hurt the both of them.

But things changed when Hysterica ordered Sarah and a few others to go around, biting and turning others, High Bridge academy being a primary source for ‘candidates’. Protecting Sandra, Howen received an immediate bite from Sarah herself when she tried to attack. Recovering slowly, Sandra had told Howen of what had happened and what she really was. She wouldn’t blame him if he hated her… but instead of hate, he accepted her with a kiss, and consummating their relationship further.

Although they have to keep the relationship a secret from her mother, like Sandra is deeply in love with him, Howen is devoted to her as he is honored by her opinion of him.

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Derek XanderEdit

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