The Golem is a Jewish creation of Clay or mud. Although not good or evil, it simply follows commands. But the longer it lives, the more uncontrollable it becomes.


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The First GolemEdit


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Creation and DeathEdit

There are two ways in giving a Golem life. The first one is the most used method in writing on a scroll ancient Hebrew commands for the Golem. Then they slip the parchment into the Golem's mouth, immediately giving the Golem life and setting out to fulfill the commands. The second, and the most ancient, is the inscribing onto the body the Hebrew word 'Emeth' which in Hebrew means 'Truth'. For there in lies the true nature and identity of the Golem: Life given without Form, Form without Matter, A Body without a Soul, indicating that the Golem is an incomplete lifeform or a monster that must be destroyed.

The Golem's destruction can come in two ways: the scroll must be removed from the mouth of the Golem, which the body will bcome lifeless and motionless, and the scroll destroyed. The second method is to destroy the E in Emeth, making the work 'Meth', which in Hebrew means 'Death'.


  • Polymorphic Abilities: The creature has the ability to grow gradually and able to morph its body to the direction its going. It can go through iron bars.
  • Inhuman Strength: Golems are physically the most powerful supernatural beings, capable of throwing a human or other heavy objects like baseballs.
  • Other Abilities: It is shown that it can cocoon its victims as a form of punishment, and it's able to regenerate itself by drawing the element it was made from.

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